Portrait of Jessie Scott by the Artist Eugenia Lim, 2010
Video from installation (twigs, tape, candles, various baking goods) at Platform ARI, digital video, silent, 1m40s loop

This video formed part of my portrait of friend/collaborator Jessie Scott for Tape Projects' Life Studies from the Year 2030 installation at Platform. TAPR was invited to contribute to Platform's 20th Anniversary exhibition and we decided to go twenty years 'back to the future'. Each member of the group was allocated the name of another member, then asked to create a future portrait of that artist in the year 2030. The following text accompanied my portrait of Jessie.


In 2030, the world is divided into those who live either a Neo-Rococco or a Neo-Monastic (non-denominational) lifestyle. Jessie Maree Elizabeth Scott’s work as an Installation-Baker In the Public Sphere fits neatly between these two realms, catering to lovers of the ornate and sweet as well as those wanting to conserve the fruits of the earth. Due to an ongoing food crisis, humans have evolved to digest exoskeletons and paper. Jessie’s delectable baked creations made from crushed sea shells and pulped cardboard are lauded throughout the Moreland for being both artful and nutritious. Jessie lives in the metropolis of Coburg on a quarter acre roof block with a garden with her partner Blair.