Flowers, 2011
Single-channel HD video
Sound via CC-license thanks to Ichiro Nakagawa

Coming up at 24HRArt in Darwin is Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Flowerface, a suite of videos by Melbourne artists. Featuring work by Jessie Scott, Zoe Scoglio, Cait Foran, Jess McElhinney, Hannah Raisin and yours truly, Dr Jekyll and Ms. Flowerface brings together new and recent video work by six female artists working with, around and about portraiture and performative practice. Curated by Eugenia Lim, this suite of videos explores representation and identity: from uncanny personas to memorials for dead pets, "ideal" beauty through to abject femininity, nostalgia for lost childhood through to clumsy mythologies.

This work is a tribute to my mum, especially her annual ritual of posing with her peonies.