S.O.S (Shred or Send), 2011
An installation and performance on the last day of the Studio Apartment group show at C3 Contemporary Artspace

Curated by Jon Butt and Simon MacEwan, 15 artists were selected to respond to the concept of 'the artist studio' in an accelerated version of a residency. Each artist/collective spent a full day in the gallery in 'a stylised representation' of an artist's home and studio, creatively grappling with the idea of 'artist studio as fetish object' or exemplar of interior design. Phew! I invited visitors to type a letter to their future self. My solemn promise to each stranger was that in exactly one year's time (on Tuesday 15 May 2012) I will post their letter to the nominated address, no matter where in the world I happen to be. Any aborted letters could be shredded/added to a shredded paper sculpture. One man asked me about my contingency plan for posting the letters in the advent of my unforeseen death. This was after I'd offered him a cup of green tea (the expensive kind with the flowers that unfurl themselves) and chocolates. I tried not to take it as a sign.

The invite/instructions:

: Type a letter to a future you. Maybe give yourself a piece of advice, share hopes for the future or speculate on the length of your hair. Have as many goes as you like, I’ve got all day. If you decide to send your letter, seal it in a little brown envelope with an address written on the front and hand it to me.* In exactly one year’s time (Tuesday 15 May 2012), I will post your letter to the nominated address, no matter where in the world I happen to be. On that day (or a few days later if I happen to be in the Arctic or a yurt in Tibet where the postal service is out of my hands), the future you will receive a letter from the present you.
SHRED: If you’d prefer not to disrupt the delicate balance that is Time, you may decide to shred your unwanted present day letter. You can add the remnants to the box-fluro-and-paper present day sculpture taking shape for this one day only. Do as you see fit. The future you will be none the wiser.
*I swear on the grave of my fox terrier/silky terrier cross Larry that I will respect your privacy and not read your letter.

Studio Apartment The instructions

Studio Apartment The S.O.S install

Studio Apartment an Italian visitor typing a letter

Studio Apartment The shredded paper sculpture

Studio Apartment John writing to his future self

Studio Apartment Sealing the deal

Studio Apartment Quino and John in the apartment